We currently offer a 13 night, 14 day tour around the country with stop overs at the major popular spots in terms of natural scenic beauty and places where wild life congregates. Please refer to the map of Namibia for information regarding the route we travel through the country. The trip will include all traveling and we will only stay at well established upmarket lodges with bed and breakfast and dinner included. Drinks for sun downers and wine with dinner will be included as well as soft drinks during the day. We will accommodate couples and groups of up to 12 people.

Clients will arrive at the Hosea Kutako airport, which is situated 47 kilometers outside Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. We will pick you up at the airport and then the fun starts.

Important Note: We would like to state that our tours are not rigid in any way as we will accommodate smaller groups as well as alternative routes as required by clients, i.e. visits to San and Himba villages and more. Please feel free to enquire about alternative routes, places of interest you would like to include in your visit or activities you would like to partake in while on tour.

Fly-In Safaris:  We also offer various fly-in safari options for travelers on a tight schedule.  Please contact us for more information on fly-in options, scenic flights and charter flights and we will send you a quotation and more detail. 

Night 1
The first night we will stay on the western side of Windhoek at Sun Karros Daan Viljoen. This is upmarket accommodation situated in a game reserve. The lodge is constructed on the banks of a dammed river with interesting bird life and a number of game species for viewing. Here you will freshen up and relax after your long flight into Namibia. This lodge is situated high above the capital city Windhoek. The city lights shows a beautiful panorama at night which can be viewed from the lodge.

Night 2 and 3
We will depart for Sossusvlei early the next morning after breakfast, this is a 365.5 kilometer drive on country dirt roads through the escarpment of the Khomas Hochland plateau. This is a very scenic route, especially the sections down through the escarpment. This trip will last approximately 5h 31min. So we will arrive at Sossuvlei at around 14h00. This lodge is situated on the eastern edge of the spectacular Namib dune sea. We will book into the Sossusvlei Lodge, refresh and rest for a couple of hours. The midday sun is relentless and a quick rest will do wonders for the mind and body. Later when it has cooled off a little, we will visit the Sesriem Canyon where the Tsuachab river has cut a deep ravine into its own bed. We will hike into the canyon to view bird life as well as the interesting water erosion patterns in the side walls of the canyon. We will go back to Sossusvlei Lodge for sun downers and dinner. Early the next morning after breakfast we will again follow the Tsuachab river to the west onto the pan itself. Here the river’s path  got cut off from it’s  route to the Atlantic coast by a sea of sand dunes and forms a large pan and wetland area in the rainy season. Here we will view Oryx, Ostrich, Springbuck, and bird life. The natural scenery around this area is world renown for its immense and impressive beauty. We will hike up the dunes here and take in the beauty of the area. We will have lunch and thereafter we will go back to the Sossusvlei Lodge. We will have sun downers and dinner and be in bed early as we depart for Swakopmund early the next morning.  a Scenic hot air balloon trip is also available for interested clients. This will have additional costs which will be quoted on request.  (more info hot air balloons)

Night 4
We will travel 415 kilometers north to north west to Swakopmund. This is quite a long drive which will take approximately 6 hours. We will drive through the dry Namib desert to Swakopmund which is situated on the Atlantic coast. This is an old colonial town with its origins pre 1914 in German colonial times. This town had it’s origins when the Germans needed a deep sea port as the seaport at Walvisbay 30 kilometers to the South was in British possession. The Germans constructed a Jetty from steel columns and girders. Namibia was a German colony from 1884 till 1915 and has a very rich history in terms of architecture and history. We will arrive at around 15h00 and will be staying in the Hansa Hotel for dinner, bed, and breakfast. Clients will be free in the afternoon to explore the town center. Many of the old colonial buildings from before 1915 still exist and can be viewed by simply walking on foot as all to see are located centrally and near to each other. The Jetty that was used as a harbor still stands today, however only a portion of the original structure still survives today. This structure was constructed from steel and could not stand the test of times as the the Atlantic on South West Africa has one of the largest anaerobic area’s in the sea on earth and the corrosion levels are extremely high. Near the Mole, the first construction by Germany you’ll find the Museum where you will quickly get up to speed with this areas very interesting history.  There will also be ample time for resting as the trip from Sossusvlei is long and arduous. Quad bike and camel rides will also be available for interested clients in Swakopmund.  (More info on quad bike tours) We will have breakfast and depart for Cape Cross to the north of Swakopmund the next morning.

The trip to Cape Cross is approximately 135 kilometers and will last around 2 hours. Cape Cross is famous as the Portuguese sea fairer Diogo Cao in January 1486 erected a granite cross here on his exploratory route round the Cape of Good Hope, the southern tip of Africa. There is also a very large colony of Cape Fur Seals to be found here, numbering around 100 000 during the breeding period, October to December. This area is rich in history and animal life. a  True copy of Diogo’s cross with inscriptions can be viewed as well. We’ll have a quick lunch at the Cape Cross Lodge after which we will depart to the Brandberg White Lady Lodge over Hentiesbay, where we are actually based.

Night 5
The trip to the Brandberg White Lady Lodge is approximately 192 kilometers (3 hours travel time) and we will arrive at The Brandberg White Lady Lodge at around 18h00. We will have a sun downer and dinner at the lodge and will turn in early as the next day we will travel to Twyfelfontein. Here you will see the Brandberg massive rising 2 606 meter above sea level, which is a huge granite formation of immense size, approximately 900 square kilometers and forms an impressive structure rising from the rather flat surrounding desert floor.

Night 6 and 7
The trip from The Brandberg White Lady Lodge to Twyfelfontein is 156 kilometers and will last around 2h 30 min. We will book in at Twyfelfontein Lodge, refresh and start exploring the area. We will explore the World Heritage Site at Twyfelfontein, Namibia’s first. This site had been occupied by ancient peoples for 6000 years and roughly 2500 rock carvings were created by these peoples. This is truly spectacular. We will also visit the Burnt mountain and Organ Pipes, these are interesting geological occurrences. This general area is very popular with tourists to Namibia because of the fact that the area were inhabited by ancient hunter-gatherers and later by the Khoikhoi and San peoples. A very extensive and rich history of their existence here remain in the form of rock art at numerous locations.

Night  8, 9, and 10
We will depart from Twyfelfontein after breakfast and travel towards Etosha National Park.
We will visit the Petrified Forrest on our way there. The trip to Etosha is 344 kilometers and will take about 6 hours. We will spend 3 nights in the Etosha National Park and will see large numbers of game including Lion, Elephant, Rhino, and many more species. We will enter the park at Okaukuejo and spend the night there. There is a big water hole that gets visited by many different animals. Then we move to Halali which also have a nice water hole to view game at leisure, The last night in the park will be at the old Fort Namutoni. After this we leave the park and travel onto Tsumeb.

Night 11
The trip from Namutoni to Tsumeb is 114 kilometers and will last 1h 36 min, but we will visit the two massive sink holes at Guinas and Otjikoto. These are permanent lakes that formed when the Dolomite substrate got eroded away by acidic waters which left large underground cavities. The roof of these cavities then collapsed and formed lakes. After our visit to the lakes we will book in at Kupferquelle Lodge in Tsumeb. We’ll have sun downers and dinner after a long day and just relax.

Night 12
From Tsumeb we drive south to Kalkfeld to visit the Dinosaur tracks. This is a 255 kilometer drive of about 3h 15min. After the visit to view the Dinosaur tracks we travel to the Wilderness lodge at the Waterberg, a massive sandstone structure. This is also a game park with hiking trails and much to see or just relax at the end of a very busy and long 13 days.

Night 13
We travel back to Windhoek to stay over at the Sun Karros Daan Viljoen Lodge. This trip is 277 kilometers and will take 3h 44 min to reach. Here we will just relax and rest. The next morning you will be taken back to the airport Hosea Kutako. We will make sure that you had a joyous and very interesting time in Namibia. We know the country well.

Please Note that although we wish people of all ages to visit and enjoy Namibia, we would like to advise that you are physically and medically fit with an adventures spirit. Although we will travel in luxury air conditioned vehicles, it can be arduous as some of the daily stretches that we will do is quite long.

Night One – Sun Karos Daan Viljoen
Nights 2 – 3  – Sossusvlei Lodge
Night 4 – Swakopmund
Seal Cologny / Lunch at Cape Cross Lodge
Night 5 – Brandberg White Lady Lodge
Nights 6 – 7  – Twyfelfontein Lodge, Damaraland
Nights 8 – 10  – Etosha National Park, Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni
Night 11  –  Kupfer Quelle Lodge, Tsumeb.
Night 12  –  Waterberg Wilderness Lodge.