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Namib Safaris is a family owned tour operator with extensive traveling experience of Namibia

The Tour . . .

We currently offer a 13 night, 14 day tour around the country with stop overs at the major popular spots in terms of natural scenic beauty and places where wild life congregates.

Welcome to Namibia . . .

If you have Namibia on your list of travel destinations, then let us assure you, there is no better time to visit this beautiful cou ntry with its very diverse wild life and stunning natural scenery.  Namibia, the land of extremes . . .  Someone even called Namibia "THE LAND GOD MADE IN ANGER" but we beg to differ.  Namibia a large open country, measuring 824 292 square kilometers with approximately 2.4 million people, it ranks among the top most exciting tourist destinations in South Western Africa, well known for its abundance of wildlife, natural beauty and friendly people.

The country is safe to travel from a medical point of view, but basic precautions for malaria is advised though.  The country gained its independence in 1998 and is politically stable which makes for a very popular tourist destination.

Our Tour - The Itinerary

Our 13 nights, 14 days tour through Namibia cover all the major scenic and wildlife hot spots. Accommodation are at excellent lodges and establishments.

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Meet the team

Namib Safaris is a family owned tour operator which is fully registered in Namibia, i.e. Namibia Tourism Board and local Authorities.